Style Advice

For you- With you

Personal Shopping | Shopping support

For you:
– Time saving
– Desired products are brought to your place – If desired, advice on-the-spot
With you:
Realizing specific wishes in a fast way: – with a specific shopping list
– for special events
– check out new ideas and trends
– try new fashion
– find an accurate business look
– avoid mispurchases
– find interesting shops
– have fun and enjoy!!!!

Style + Fashion

– should emphasize individuality
– maintain authenticity
– it shouldn’t be a question of money
– it should give you a wonderful feeling – it should be fun
– It should make you memorable!
For a perfect style advice I would like to meet you in person. Your wishes, your type and your style are important!
Please contact me!
Prices and conditions are available on request.

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